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  • HK Patent No. HK1093113 CN Publication No.: CN1838388 Outstanding Design (Jumbo / Standard Version) - Registered open design, ease to operate and maintenance. - Ease to install and fill up capsules. - Large display platform. - Large capsule storage capacity. Self Adjust Coin Insert - Fit for 1 to 8 coins. - Suitable with USD、HKD 、YEN、EURO coin. Security - Specified test design to prevent fate coins. - Strong and colorful body. Capsule Size - Applicable to capsules with size from 25mm to 75mm (Dia). Support and Maintenance - 2 years free spare parts supply. CN-801 Product Specification Size:1410mm (H) x 300mm (W) x 530mm (L) Gross Weight:31.5kg Net Weight:27.5kg Capsule Capacity : (Dia) 48mm – 360pcs (Dia) 65mm – 160pcs (Dia) 75mm – 116pcs

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