Our Top Picks - Baby Product

FunTime Toys Co. Ltd.

As a toy manufacturer for over 30 years, we can offer the best selection of infants, pre-school, educational, bath & sand, spring & summer toys. With over 600 items in these catergories, we are confident of supplying the most comprehensive selection. Together with our attractive & informative packaging, they can make a dramatic statement that will facilitate selection & boost sales. Contact us for a set of catalogues to see our efforts in the fields.

Vtech Electronics Ltd.

In 1988, VTech opened the Group's first mainland manufacturing site in Houjie town in Dongguan, Southern China . With manufacturing area of 240,000 square meters, this site is mainly used for designing and manufacturing our electronic learning products.

In 1997, VTech opened a second mainland manufacturing site in Liaobu town in Dongguan, Southern China to facilitate the production of telecommunication products and our contract manufacturing services. With state-of-the-art technology, the site covers a total manufacturing area of 168,000 square meters. At the same time, it provides its employees with all types of facilities for living, studying and entertainment.

Production Facilities
VTech's manufacturing facilities are completely integrated. Almost every step in product design, manufacturing and assembly, including complex processes such as injection of plastic dies and printing and assembly of circuit boards, is implemented at our own facilities in order to adhere to the highest quality standards.

To ensure the highest levels of quality and efficiency throughout our manufacturing process, we have invested in the industry's most sophisticated machinery and production facilities, such as advanced injection molding machines, automatic slugging machines and CAD facilities.

Quality Control
Product quality is our top priority.
VTech is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and the very best services. Testament to this driving aim to achieve world-leading standards in product quality are numerous certifications which we have achieved over the past few years, such as TS16949, ISO13488 and ISO9001:2000 approvals. In addition, VTech regularly wins awards from around the world for outstanding product quality and innovation.

Global Offices
About VTech Worldwide
* US$1,022.0 million in revenue in FY2005
* Approximately 22,700 employees in 10 countries
* R&D centres in Canada, Hong Kong and China
* One of the world's largest suppliers of corded and cordless phones
* Leading supplier of electronic learning products
* Listed on both the Hong Kong and London stock exchanges

Weina Manufactory Ltd

With a vision to create quality products which nourish the growth of bright minds, Weina Manufactory Limited continues to fuel the toy market with brilliant ideas. Weina is actively engaged in design, manufacture and sales of pre-school, infant toys, musical toys and juvenile products with particular strength in ride-on toys. All products conform to EN71, ASTM, EN 62115 and EMC standards. Backed with strong expertise in OEM and ODM electronic toy production, Weina has established a long-term partnership with world-reputed brand name “Chicco” and is honoured in serving this brand for over 20 years. The company also carries its own brands: “Weina” and “Babyculture” to offer high quality pre-school toys which are widely available at large-scale importers such as Toy-R-Us, Walmart, etc. A new series of exciting digital toys will be coming soon! Contact Weina for more information.

Cheuk Yip Plastic Fty., Ltd

Cheuk Yip Plastic Fty. Ltd. which was founded in 1979 is an experienced and professional company specializing in the production of products related to industrial safety, home safety and child safety as well as plastic tooling. It is highly capable of both ODM and OEM productions. Cheuk Yip welcomes any kind of order for ODM and OEM projects and it is confident in providing good quality and unique products at reasonable and affordable prices for all of its customers.

Chi Lik Toys Company Ltd.

Explore the creative world of Chi Lik Toys Company Ltd. where you can find multifarious arrays of educational toys which inspire the innovative minds of the little ones. The company specializes in the design, develop and manufacture quality toys which enable children to play and learn at the same time. Some of its hot-selling range covers musical toys, cute vehicles “Road Hero” series, plastic animal with light and sounds, interactive baby toys, etc. Committed to excellence, Easy Play endeavors to create high quality toys with great craftsmanship and brilliant designs for customers. The company has set up its own production plant in Shenzhen, China which adopts stringent quality control and has acquired ISO 9001 & ICTI certificate. It also possesses an experienced R&D team to design toys that offer fun and educational values. Easy Play conforms to most international safety standards such as RoHS, EN71part 9, European Directive 2005/84/EC (non-phthalate) and other requirements. Any OEM orders or inquiry is cordially welcome.

Fu Hong Industries Ltd.

Fu Hong Industrial Company was founded by Mr. Herman Lo in 1989. Its inception was a designer and trader of plastic toys, specializing in baby products. The business since then was developing steadily. The Company inline with its development was re-organized in 1993 and incorporated as Fu Hong Industries Limited.

We have two manufactories located in Changan, Dongguan, PRC with totally 35,000 square meter and 1,800 operatives.

Company Goal

Babies are the masters of our future. Fu Hong believes that the characters of a person start developing from his early age. High quality baby products can help our future masters to develop a healthy and intelligent childhood, which is significant for their whole life.

Fu Hong is committed to striving for excellence in developing baby product. We devote ourselves on enhancing every aspect in our development, including product design, mold fabrication, sample modeling, prototype testing, manufacturing, process control, packing and timely delivery. All these efforts are for providing the best protection to our future masters' delicate skins.

Product Line

The Company specializes in baby products that are marketed under the trademark of "SMART BABY" and "Wonder Kids". These products including musical mobiles, rattles, teethers, cool-it gum teethers, pacifiers, roller and suction toys, pre-school toys and infant care accessories have already been accredited to ASTM-F963 and EN71 [CE]. In addition, Fu Hong supplies for a number of world-class renowned brands under OEM contracts.


Innoboon International Limited

Innoboon Int'l Ltd, founded in 2008, has rich experience in manufacturing baby soft toys. Its products range from infant and pre-school toys, to soft pillows and promotional gifts. The company is capable of both OEM and ODM projects and has over 15 years of experience in such productions. Innoboon has a factory located in Dong Guan, China. Its whole production process abides to rigorous world toy safety standards, including EN71, ASTM-F963, CPSIA 2008, N6P, REACH, etc., making sure that all the toys produced by Innoboon are safe for children. The company also welcomes SMEs on small quantity orders.

Johnny Vico Infant & Gift Products (China) Co. Ltd.

Johnny Vico Infant & Gift Products (China) Co Ltd., established in 20015, was founded by Mr. Johnny NG who has over 20 years of experience in the field of baby products, educational toys and premium items, etc. The company has a manufactory located in Shenzhen, China. Johnny Vico is highly capable of OEM production and is most welcome customers’ OEM design. The company also has a strong and professional team of engineers to follow up with the OEM project development. With rich experience and skillful production, Johnny Vico always satisfies its customers’ needs and requirements.

Khattar Toys Manufacturer Ltd.

Khattar Toys Manufacturer Limited offers fun and surprises. The company specializes in high quality inflatable toys as well as foam-filled toys for babies, such as bath books, building cubes, etc. To provide cost-effective one-stop service for customers, Khattar has set up a fully-equipped production plant in Bao An, China. The company adopts stringent quality control to ensure every product is the perfect state before shipment. Apart from OEM projects, Khattar welcomes customers’ own designs. The company targets to Europe and USA markets and is expanding its reach to other countries such as Russia, Dubai, etc.

Smart Care Company Ltd.

Smart Care Company Limited specializes in producing personal care products associated with diapers. Smart Care sees the problem of wetting pants for babies and for those who have problem walking, or long-term patients who have to stay in bed for a long time. Smart Care produces Wetness Detector which provides an effective and all time detection and reminder for parents and medics. The machine notifies them wirelessly and instantly so that diapers can be changed in time. Smart Care does not only aspire to improve people’s living, but also to help protect the environment. By reducing the use of diapers, waste can be decreased and cost can also be saved. Wetness Detector by Smart Care provides users with a more convenient and hygienic way of living.

Tronico Izzy (HK) Ltd.

Tronico Izzy (HK) Ltd. (formerly known as S. Farco Associates Ltd.), founded in 1980, is a professional and experienced manufacturer and exporter of a fine range of toys. Its products include die-cast play sets, farm play sets, baby products, etc. Apart from its Hong Kong office, Tronico Izzy also has an office, showroom and factory in mainland China to offer efficient services and to ensure quality production for its customers. It welcomes customers’ designs and exports worldwide.